All club functionality in one application

Whether you are a member of a club or manage a club, you will find everything you need in this app. Squatix makes club administration child's play.

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Application Features


Create training sessions for your members to sign up for and see who will participate.

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Inform members about everything that is happening in your club.

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Member details

Keep track of everything you need to know about your members.

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Let your members pay for their subscription via Squatix and save yourself a lot of administration.

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Or are you the manager of a club and could you use some help with your administration?

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Frequently Asked Questions

With Squatix you can combine all the functionality you need to manage a club in a single application. At the same time, you offer your members a simple overview of what is happening in the club.
With Squatix you simplify your administration so that you can concentrate on managing your club.

All club functionality in one app, doesn't that say enough?.

As a club member you can simply go to the login page and start using the app.

Club administrators can create a club for free and add up to ten members. You have all the functionality at no cost! Are you satisfied and do you want to add more members? Then contact us!